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Everything You Want to Know

We are passionate team of our role as personal assistant in your professional or personal lives. Upon your request, we have created a premium service dedicated to managing your administrative tasks, real estate properties, and various other procedures.


We stand out with our building concierge service, along with numerous partners in construction and renovation for your apartment and villa projects. Our medical concierge services allow us to be by your side during medical appointments.

Excellence Service Place recruits your staff and coordinates various stakeholders who may be involved in your affairs. One of our priorities is to find the person who meets your expectations.

With technical experience in the building industry, linguistic expertise, and proficiency in private management and support, Excellence Service Place is a key to facilitating a successful working relationship in your professional or personal life and project realization. We operate in Monaco, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy.

At Excellence Service Place, a dedicated concierge accompanies, manages, and recruits throughout our partnership. Like a reservation service, we handle the planning of your stays and professional or private travels, whether by chauffeured vehicle, helicopter, or private jet.

Excellence Service Place relies on a network of regional, national, and international professionals to provide you with the most suitable solutions.

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